Friday, January 30, 2009


Our little boy, so handsome! George has had some struggles since his arrival. Mainly a condition called PDA or Patent Ductus Arteriosus (google it if you want more info). The short version of this is that he has a vessel near his heart that in full term babies closes up on it's own with the first breaths/cries. George's PDA has not closed after 2 rounds of medication. After a repeat ultrasound, we found out today that our little guy has to have surgery to close it. The surgery will most likely be on Monday early morning. They will do a repeat echo on Sunday just to see if by some miracle, the vessel is closing on it's own. The surgery is routine, but I think the word "routine" goes out the window when it is on your own little boy, especially when that little boy doesn't even weigh 3 pounds (though he is very close!). Hopefully after he recovers he can get rid of that ventilator and he will grow big and strong!

Don't let her little size fool you! She was the first baby off the ventilator, graduated to a CPAP and now finally a nasal canula and has been holding steady! She is the first one we were able to hold. I think she is going to be our cuddler too! Her cry is very soft and sounds like a little kitty cat...her daddy calls her "kitten"! He finally has a kitten he isn't allergic to! She continues to get stronger every day!

Our biggest and first born! She started all of this when she broke my water! She too is a strong little girl...first to go off the CPAP to a nasal canula. However, our little blondie was having some breathing "episodes" quite frequently so she earned her CPAP back. The great news is she has only had a couple of episodes since going back on CPAP. Basically, she was "forgetting" to breath from time to time and sometimes she'd recover on her own and sometimes she needed to be reminded by a nurse or us. Her little cry sounds like a billy goat, but don't nicknames of billy or goat! haha! Though she did look a little like Benjamin Button the other day...that nickname won't stick either. Probably blondie, if she has a nickname at all. Her daddy never imagined he would have a blonde baby!

As for us, we are hanging in there! Our days basically consist of going to the hospital in the morning for a few hours, coming home to rest, eat & pump (well me at least!) and then going back up to the hospital for a few hours in the evening. We thank God every day for our precious little miracles. Sometimes it still doesn't seem real. Last night I was thinking, "are they gonna really let us take you all home someday?!" It is the most amazing feeling in the makes all the heartache that it took to get here just melt away. We both feel so full of love, like we never imagined! Thank you everyone for all your kind words and support. I'd love to be able to respond to all the comments individually, but there isn't much time right now...just know we are so appreciative!


MasonTripletsPlusOne said...

(((Lisa))) They are all beautiful!!! I'm so sorry to hear about George's PDA, but he is in great hands and I'm sure he will be fine. My little guy's had to have surgery, granted it was not just day's after being born, but less than 2 months and I was a nervous wreck, but everything turned out ok. Make sure you take time to rest while the babies are in the NICU. EVERYONE told me that and I did not listine. When they are all home you will long to ba able to have a few min to yourself to rest. LOL Please let me know if you need anything or just want to talk. It's only been 6 months since I was in your shoes so it's still fresh in my memory.


teacheroftwos said...

Just an inspirational story for you to look at! Check out this website

Yoga Trish said...

Hi Lisa, We (even my yoga students)are all praying for the babies. They are beautiful, you and Ryan are so blessed. Have faith that they will be home soon and your family will bless your home with laughter, joy and love. Remember the offer to help, I'm just down the street. Love, Tricia

Beth said...

Lisa - Yes, I agree. The first days in the NICU seem all so surreal. You do feel like it is all a dream; but holding your babies for the first time immediately makes it finally feel so real. I'm sure you will experience it too -- going home days are hard, because you will likely take them home one by one; so, so hard but I'm sure you will feel like we did. How in the world will we take care of something SO small -- they actually TRUST us? Emily went home as soon as she hit 4 lbs -- she was barely big enough for her car seat! They are absolutely beautiful -- my prayers are with George. I know, routine is never routine anymore when it's your child..