Tuesday, May 12, 2009

We're Here...Just Busy...

And my computer died...but now I have a new one!

Here is a pic of all three, at 3 months old:

Lainey - she is an angel! She is the kind of baby that makes you want to have a dozen more! She is long and skinny with lots of blonde curly hair (at least when it's wet it's curly). She was born the heaviest and she is now the little peanut, though she is the longest, she weighs the least (they will be weighed on Thursday before their Synagis shot but I think she is close to, if not 9lbs)
George - my poor little dude! He was having a lot of gas pain issues, Mylicon wouldn't touch it so he is now on Alimentum (was on Neosure) and Zantac. He is still quite fussy, so the doc said he must just be colicky.

Emery - she is funny! She is starting to smile and know why she is smiling...I love it! She is a feisty girl...she'll let you know if she's not happy with the way things are going!
I'll try to be better at keeping the blog updated!