Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Step Away From the Daily Grind For a Moment

In light of recent events, I feel compelled to step away from triplet mommyhood for a moment. Here is a little overview:

1 - some asshole (yes, I swore, it's my blog and I'll swear if I want to) left my 14 year old nephew and his friend at school after cross country practice. This was an adult and he committed to doing car pool, yet his time was far too precious to wait for the 2 minors whose parents were trusting to him to be responsible for their well being. I must also point out that my nephew and his friend were NOT LATE! This douche just thought it was ok. So my sister gets a frantic phone call from him that he has no ride. Even better, the other boy's mother, who is a flight attendant, gets a call hours later (because she was working) from her son, also worried about being stranded. She and her husband were both in other states at the time! Needless to say, the boys are in another car pool and now this ass clown (thanks, Brienne) has to find a way for his kid to get to school every day now!

2 - my niece is "frenemies" with mean girls. These girls have been ganging up on my niece. I hope she ceases to be friends with them and finds more worthy, true friends, but they will probably make up, for now. Ugh, preteen girls suck!

3 - a friend of a friend came home with her 2 children to a man with a ski mask and a knife in their yard. She had already got her daughter inside and was going back out to get her son when she came across him. She thought he was going to kill her/them. He, instead, threw a cup full of acid into her face. She is being treated at U of M and is hoping to keep her eyesight.

SO, all of these things have caused me to ask, "WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE!?!?" Remember back to the days, even weeks and months, after 9/11. When people showed compassion toward one another. When people banded together against the common enemy. What happened to make people abandon that way of thinking and treating people?

It just makes me even more determined to show kindness, respect and general caring to others and to make sure my kids are raised with those same values.

Ok, now help me down from my soapbox....

Friday, December 30, 2011

Things to remember

So, just a couple cute little things I don't want to forget. It's late so this will be brief. This morning, after a somewhat rough evening of not being sure if Lainey had the stomach flu or just randomly threw up, she wakes up and after asking, "where's my daddy." (he was in the other room in case she did have the flu...I had already been puked on...kinda like the movie "Outbreak"... I had already been exposed). Anyway, she looked at my night gown and said, "are those little snow flags?". She calls snow FLAKES snow FLAGS! Hahaha!

This year when asked to wish people "Merry Christmas" Emery cheerfully, yet shyly, says, "Merry Pick-a-mas!". One of the cutest things ever! And her coy little smile just melts me!

George cracks me up with his wanna-be naked baby-yoga moves. Down-dog-turned-headstand-on-the-back-of-the-couch is among one of his favorite moves. All while giggling his contagious little laugh! He's a little crack up (no pun intended) that one!

Sunday, December 11, 2011


Well, it is my hope that I will sort of "restart" my blog. The trio are about to turn 3 next month and I feel that I will have a lot to blog about! Starting with potty training, which I am planning on doing after Christmas. Wish me luck!

I will try to jump on here when the naps are occuring to catch up on all the latest shenanigans!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Please Excuse My Poor Etiquette

I am ashamed to say, and publicly admit, that I have not sent out a single "Thank You" note since the triplets came home...4 months ago! I am embarassed by this and my only excuse is these 3 gorgeous creatures that keep me busy 24/7 (well, except when I'm asleep)! A typical day in the life is:

8:00ish - wake up (yes, I know I am extremely lucky with this time! Thank you, cereal!)
diaper change X 3
bottle X 3 (thankfully Ryan is around to help with this one!)

9:00 - a little Baby Einstein so I can eat a quick bite, wash bottles, etc.

10:00 - bath time X 3 and usually a little rocking

12:00 - diaper, bottle, nap in swing, repeat 2 more times

2:00 - shower for me! and any other "chores" I can get done while they are napping

upon them waking, we try to do some kind of activities (walk, pool or just toys here)

4:00 - bottles again!

8:00 - diapers, pj's, cereal, bottles, bed! (oh yeah, X 3!)

Then after they are all in dreamland it's more washing bottles, etc. Thankfully, Ryan makes the formula and "porridge" as he calls their cereal. Oh yeah, I try to fit in some time to eat as well! Not complaining in the least...I love my "job"! Just wish I had someone to clean up and cook for me! haha!

I also have to give a "shout out" to my mom and sister...without them, I'd be a bumbling, smelly mess! They have helped me so much and came to my rescue on many occasions!

So, back to what this post was meant to be about, I apologize sincerely for my lack of Thank You notes to those that have sent the most generous gifts! I DO plan on getting them out at some point...PROMISE!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Wow...almost 5 months already?!?!

Lainey, trying cereal for the first time by spoon. After she got used to the whole idea, she liked it. She was getting mad that I wasn't getting it in her mouth fast enough! Our mild mannered little girl was turning red, stiffening up and "yelping" at me! It was very cute and funny. Lainey has also found her voice, so to speak. She used to sit quietly and wait for someone to pick her up. She is still such a good baby but she doesn't like to sit and wait anymore...she will let you know she is there! Oh, but when she cries, it is the saddest makes me want to cry!
George kickin back in his swing! He is off oxygen during the day, but is still on it at night. I do have a feeling that will change this week though...he is supposed to be re-tested on Tuesday (fingers crossed)! George is definitely a mama's boy, much to daddy's dismay! He is still refluxing, but it seems to be getting a little better...I hope it's not just that we are getting used to it! He was weighed last week...11lbs 7 1/2oz! The girls haven't been weighed lately but if I had to guess, Emery is right behind George, probably around 11lbs and Lainey is our little peanut, probably around 10 1/2lbs. My little man is a major cuddler too!
Emery...this is one of my favorite pics of her! Though she is now completely off oxygen...guess I'll have to get another picture like this without that tube! This morning I was feeding Lainey in the nursery, George and Emery were both fussy. They are yet to have the coordination to get their binkys back into their own mouths. I heard a sucking noise coming from Emery's crib...she found her thumb and was going to town! It was really cute! She has tried to find it a few more times today...sometimes successful, sometimes not...and when she isn't, she gets mad!! Emery is smiling up a storm these days! George and Lainey are really starting to smile too, though Emery is the little charmer right now!
Here are all three together at around 4 months: (George, Emery, Lainey):
My days are busy, but couldn't imagine life any other way! The babies are eating cereal now at night and are sleeping really well! They usually will go down around 11pm and sleep til about 6am. Yesterday I had the babies out by the pool while my nephew, niece and their friends swam and then we went to Music In The Air last lots of fresh air. They were SO ready to get home at the end. We fed them their cereal (Emery was too worn out to even finish!) and put them to be around 11...they slept until 9am!!! George was a little fussy around 8 and Ryan brought him to me in bed and we had a good cuddle! He was a cozy boy!
So, people say the strangest, funniest, rudest, oddest things when they see you with 3 babies. Last night was no exception. A man came up to us and said to Ryan, "Triplets!?" Ryan replied, "yup!" Then the man asked, "do twins run in your family?" Really? Twins? Ryan's response was great, "well, they usually crawl first." hahaha! I love his quick wit! The man looked a little confused! :P

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

We're Here...Just Busy...

And my computer died...but now I have a new one!

Here is a pic of all three, at 3 months old:

Lainey - she is an angel! She is the kind of baby that makes you want to have a dozen more! She is long and skinny with lots of blonde curly hair (at least when it's wet it's curly). She was born the heaviest and she is now the little peanut, though she is the longest, she weighs the least (they will be weighed on Thursday before their Synagis shot but I think she is close to, if not 9lbs)
George - my poor little dude! He was having a lot of gas pain issues, Mylicon wouldn't touch it so he is now on Alimentum (was on Neosure) and Zantac. He is still quite fussy, so the doc said he must just be colicky.

Emery - she is funny! She is starting to smile and know why she is smiling...I love it! She is a feisty girl...she'll let you know if she's not happy with the way things are going!
I'll try to be better at keeping the blog updated!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Quick Update

Here are a few quick pics. It's been a crazy and they are all home! All are doing well and are almost all at or above 6 lbs. more to come when we get our computer fixed...