Monday, April 28, 2008

Emotions at an all-time high

It has been 5 1/2 weeks since my ER. I was told the microarray tests were taking about 5 weeks. I am, by nature, a realtively patient person. Well, I guess it is better to say I don't get nervous/anxious about things until they are right in front of me. At my wedding I was calm as could be right up to the point that my dad and I reached the door of the church and I heard the music playing. Then I was like, "whoa...this is happening!" So now, knowing that I could find out the fate of my 11 embryos at any minute...I am climbing the walls! I mean, this is a huge deal! I mean, I have 11 potential babies and I am waiting to hear how many of them have a real chance of becoming a living, breathing extension of Ryan and I. It is hard to fight back tears while typing this (thanks a lot, Lupron Depot!).

Speaking of this hormone pumping thru my body...I have not had a good nights sleep in what seems like forever! I suppose I could look at it like I should get used to it, because once a baby, or babies, are here I won't get much sleep. I have had wicked hot flashes! One second I am sweating so much my clothes are starting to get damp, so I kick off all the covers. Then what seems like minutes later, I am shivering! It just sucks, but if it gets me pregnant, so be it. I honestly can't remember if I posted about this before...another side effect, forgetfulness!

I could go thoughts just go in circles in my head. Basically, I am emotional like I can't remember ever being, sweating my butt off (if only it was literally) and I jump every time my darn phone rings in anticipation of learning the fates of our "babies".

On a good note, a new friend of mine, that I met out in Colorado, shared with me today that she is pregnant! I couldn't be more thrilled for her! Hopefully next summer our little ones can have a well-deserved "play date"!