Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Hospital/NICU Tour

Last week we went on our hospital tour. I was able to see the amazing LDR (Labor, Delivery, Recovery) rooms. Some of them have Jacuzzi tubs or Jacuzzi showers that have all these different nozzles to massage you everywhere. I know I will not be utilizing one of these rooms, but I told the nurse I'd love to come for a day for a little "vacation"! Then we saw the mother/baby unit. I have seen this before, when my nephew and neice were born years ago and most recently when my almost 2 year old nephew was born. I will be utilizing this room, however it is a bit of a bummer that most likely I won't be able to have my babies "room in" with me. The nurse that gave the Family Birth Center Tour gave us the name of another nurse who could give us a tour of the NICU. I wanted to see it first before our babies are in there...I thought it could make it easier that way. I am glad we did it. I mean, let's face it, these babies will most likely be in the NICU for some period of time. I have seen pictures of friends and their babies that have had to be in the NICU so I felt a little prepared. Ryan, on the other hand, was amazed at the little babies. I was glad he was able to see it. He made a comment that you see babies in the NICU on TV shows but you never really see the whole picture, the nurses, the 2 chairs for you to sit in while visiting, etc. It was good preparation for both of us. We were able to peek in and see a C-Section OR too. We met one of the neonatologists and many of the nurses. Hopefully if these babies do end up in the NICU, it will be for a short period of time, but whatever happens, at least we feel a little more prepared!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

20 Week Belly Pictures

As promised here are the latest belly pictures taken at 20w1d:

Monday, November 17, 2008

20 week ultrasound and update

Today we had our Level II ultrasound. They measured all babies, checked their organs (all looked well), checked for cleft palates (none here) and things like club feet (none of this either). So the doctor was very pleased with everything. Here is a rundown of each baby:

Lainey, Triplet 1 - weighing about 13 ounces
Here's her spine:
another profile:
and her little face:
George, Triplet 2 - also weighing about 13 ounces
Here's his spine:
and face:
Emery, Triplet 3 - weighing about 14 ounces
Her spine:
profile (with someones arm by her head!):
feet (how cute is that?!):
and another profile:
I am gaining weight steadily and the doctor said while it can be shocking to see the number on the scale, I'm just where he'd want me to be. I also asked him to measure me today, to see how many weeks I'd be measuring if I was carrying a singleton...34 weeks!!! Wow!!!
We also had a baby shower yesterday...I will post pics well as a 20 week belly picture.
Ryan has also been able to feel all of the babies move. I feel them all the time now...boy, are they active!
Our cribs and changing table were delivered on Saturday, thanks to the generousity of both sets of our parents!!! It looks great! On Friday, my brother, dad and Ryan installed a new closet in the nursery looks like if they wanted, they could have a new career! I'll post pics of that later too!
Looks like upcoming posts will include, belly pictures, shower and nursery! Yea! Stay tuned...

Sunday, November 9, 2008

A Little Behind

I mean that as a time frame because right now, my behind is anything but little!

Here are some belly shots from last week, 18 weeks pregnant (notice my belly button is a thing of the past!):

Getting big! Even bigger now...but I know it is nothing compared to what it will be!

Latest Ultrasound Pictures

Here are a few pics from the most recent ultrasound:

Triplet 3, Emery, 18w5d, face and belly w/her arms up:
Triplet 2, George, 18w5d, profile:

Triplet 1, Lainey, 18w5d, profile:
They also did some measurements and Lainey and George are both about 9 ounces and Emery is leading the pack at 10 ounces! She likes to eat like her mommy! haha!
Next Monday we have our Level II ultrasound, I will be 20 weeks 1 day. They say it takes about 40 minutes per baby...long time on the table with a full bladder!
I am also having the first of 2 baby showers next Sunday! Can't wait...I'll be sure to post pictures!!!