Sunday, November 9, 2008

Latest Ultrasound Pictures

Here are a few pics from the most recent ultrasound:

Triplet 3, Emery, 18w5d, face and belly w/her arms up:
Triplet 2, George, 18w5d, profile:

Triplet 1, Lainey, 18w5d, profile:
They also did some measurements and Lainey and George are both about 9 ounces and Emery is leading the pack at 10 ounces! She likes to eat like her mommy! haha!
Next Monday we have our Level II ultrasound, I will be 20 weeks 1 day. They say it takes about 40 minutes per baby...long time on the table with a full bladder!
I am also having the first of 2 baby showers next Sunday! Can't wait...I'll be sure to post pictures!!!

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