Monday, November 17, 2008

20 week ultrasound and update

Today we had our Level II ultrasound. They measured all babies, checked their organs (all looked well), checked for cleft palates (none here) and things like club feet (none of this either). So the doctor was very pleased with everything. Here is a rundown of each baby:

Lainey, Triplet 1 - weighing about 13 ounces
Here's her spine:
another profile:
and her little face:
George, Triplet 2 - also weighing about 13 ounces
Here's his spine:
and face:
Emery, Triplet 3 - weighing about 14 ounces
Her spine:
profile (with someones arm by her head!):
feet (how cute is that?!):
and another profile:
I am gaining weight steadily and the doctor said while it can be shocking to see the number on the scale, I'm just where he'd want me to be. I also asked him to measure me today, to see how many weeks I'd be measuring if I was carrying a singleton...34 weeks!!! Wow!!!
We also had a baby shower yesterday...I will post pics well as a 20 week belly picture.
Ryan has also been able to feel all of the babies move. I feel them all the time now...boy, are they active!
Our cribs and changing table were delivered on Saturday, thanks to the generousity of both sets of our parents!!! It looks great! On Friday, my brother, dad and Ryan installed a new closet in the nursery looks like if they wanted, they could have a new career! I'll post pics of that later too!
Looks like upcoming posts will include, belly pictures, shower and nursery! Yea! Stay tuned...


MasonTripletsPlusOne said...

Sounds like everything is moving right along. I remember being so excited to see the babies at each ultrasound. Can't wait to see nursery pics, it's always neat to see how they are set up and decorated.


justineh said...

Lisa - love the pics, cant wait to see the ones from the shower
Justine & Lola

MO & TDO said...

Lisa, they look great! Glad to hear everything is moving forward just as expected... (I think George has your nose.) ;0)

KRISTA said...

Lisa-OMG! Wonderful to hear all of the exciting news---and especially to have each photo linked to a name. I think you're going to see so much growth in the next 2 months--it's going to be so fun to watch these miracles unfold. I know I'm a broken record---but be super good to yourself over the next many weeks---and take it easy! Thanks for sharing this journey. I'm in awe!

kkara said...

Omg... how cool are these pics. I am so excited for you and Ryan!!