Friday, March 27, 2009

Quick Update

Here are a few quick pics. It's been a crazy and they are all home! All are doing well and are almost all at or above 6 lbs. more to come when we get our computer fixed...

Friday, March 13, 2009

A Big Day

Today was a big day for us...we brought Emery home today! The last few days have been a whirlwind...meeting with our case worker, the neonatologist, hearing tests, physical therapists, etc. A quick update on how everyone is doing:

Emery - well, she is home! She is still our tiniest, weighing in at 4lbs 7oz. It was a little scary discussing her discharge but we finally felt comfortable (well as comfortable as we were gonna be) with bringing her home on oxygen and an apnea monitor. The monitor is only for when we are not directly with her (if she is sleeping in the pack and play in the other room or if it is night time and we are sleeping too). She had a few visitors today, Grandma and Grandpa Miller, Grandma (Umma) Kolb, Aunt Lissy and Tommy. Ryan's mom brought over a yummy dinner for us (thank you!). My dad put together a swing and helped with the whole oxygen delivery/set up. Tomorrow will be a big day too...cousins Spencer and Isabella will be meeting her for the very first time!

George - he is a little "lighter" after yesterday...aka, he had his circumcision. Poor little dude! He is 4lbs 11oz. Rumor has it, he may be coming home on Sunday. George will also be on oxygen and an apnea monitor, same as his sister. He is so darn handsome! I know there will be a lot of sad NICU nurses when this little heartbreaker goes home!

Lainey - previously in "the lead", our little blondie decided to slow down on her feeds and throw in a few apnea events for good measure. I think she wanted to let her brother and sister catch up to her so she wouldn't be leaving them! Then she let them pass her up! She is doing much better though. She is on room air (no oxygen) so her work is a little harder during feeding time. She is in the lead weight-wise though...5lbs 5oz! She has the most edible chubby cheeks! She may be able to come home on Monday...if she doesn't have any events that require stimulation to bring her heart rate back up. That would be a week event-free (well, events that require stims that is).

I am a little tired, so sorry, but no pics right now. I will try to download them tomorrow.

It is going to get a little harder for a few days, going between a baby at home and 2 in the hospital. My mom and dad went to the hospital tonight to snuggle with them. They also went last night so Ryan and I could have one last date night!

It is going to be so bittersweet when we bring the last baby home. We have had some truly wonderful nurses! It has been 7 weeks in the NICU and we have become so close to these nurses, doctors and respiratory therapists. I am going to do the March of Dimes walk with the hospital NICU team in April and the NICU reunion is in May. It seems strange to think about how much I am looking forward to these events and we still have 2 babies in there! haha!

Well, off to enjoy some "down time" before the next feeding!