Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Cankles or Kankles?!?!

There seems to be a debate between my husband and I...is it "cankles" or "kankles"? Not that this is important (and yes, they are still there!) but my definition is this:
cankles - calf/ankle blends together...his is kankles - knee/ankle no definition between the two. Now, for the record, I still have ankles...they are just much bigger than my normal shapely little ones...hey, gotta take credit for whatever is still shapely...well, whatever is not the shape "round"! haha! Though, they aren't very shapely anymore, but oh well! The doctor still isn't concerned. I am taking it easy though. Especially after the holidays. Before the holidays I am resting up until we have to go to whichever celebration we are going to and when there, for the most part, I'm sitting down...sometimes with my feet up, depending on where we are!
Thanks, in advance, for your "vote" on this debate (I say this because I think I'm right...and I love being right!) :P

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Cankles... :(

I was doing quite a bit of running around yesterday (I thought I was being good...Ugg boots, no hard shoes or anything like that). I went to breakfast, did some light Christmas shopping with my sister, then lunch...home to rest for a couple of hours then off to my first MOMs meeting. When I got home and took my boots off, there they were....little puffy club feet and cankles. I had noticed before I got home that my "fat" ring and my watch were a little uncomfortable, I just figured I was a little warm and so they got snug. So, after a good nights sleep (well, relatively good!) my cankles are still very present. I called my nurse just to be on the safe side and she said to put my feet up for a couple of days (no running around like a crazy lady) and be mindful if I get a headache or heartburn, particularly on the right side. My blood pressure has been low the entire pregnancy so far so they aren't too concerned about preeclampsia...thank goodness! So, I'm downing lots of water today and catching up on TV shows saved on my Tivo. At least until about 4:00...we are having Christmas at my sisters house today because they will be out of town on Christmas. But I will just head over there and do more of the same!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Ultrasound and Update

We had another ultrasound today. They also checked their weights today...Dr. Bryant said they are right in line, size wise, as a singleton would be at the same gestation.

Here is Lainey, top of her head and her hand:
Here is Lainey's face:
Here is George's profile with Emery's foot:
Here is George...his arms and hands, like he is clapping:
Here is Emery's face:
And the top of Emery's head...she is playing with her ear and covering her face with the other hand:
Now for the weights...Lainey is currently our big girl, weighing 1 lb. 7 oz. George is our peanut, weighing 1 lb. 4 oz. Emery is right in the middle at 1 lb 5-6 oz. So roughly 4 pounds of babies right now. I go back for my next appointment just before the new year.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Belly Pics

Here are the latest views of my expanding mid section. These are 23 weeks (well, one day shy of 23 weeks if I'm being honest!) I have heard, "you're not that big!" (thank you for that, by the way!) But I have put on about 40 pounds so far! The doctor is very happy with my weight gain and the size of the babies (which they will measure them again at this weeks appointment on Wednesday). To those that have said I'm not that big...keep in mind, I'm not even technically in the third trimester yet! haha! You just wait! But I am loving every single minute of it!

I'm going to try to get a belly picture each week now, I think...

More Ultrasound Pictures

We had our latest ultrasound last Monday (sorry late with the pictures!) So here are our little ones!
Emery, 22w1d:
George, 22w1d:
Elaina, 22w1d:
They were all doing really well. The doctor seemed surprised I was still doing really well getting around, etc. Ryan told him jokingly, "sorry we're not more exciting!" He replied, "boring is good in a triplet pregnancy!"

Thursday, December 4, 2008

My First Shower!

Here are pictures from my first shower, which was November 16 at the Sweet Afton Tea Room:
Mom, Dad and I:
Ryan and I:
Mom, me and Deanna:
Annie, Cindi (Ryan's mom), me, my mom and Deanna:
Cindi, Ryan and I:
Booboo (Isabella) and I:
Annie & I:
Blake getting a smooch:
The shower was beautiful. We had High Tea...everyone had their own pot of tea, then some savories and tea sandwiches followed by scones and dessert. Any time I have High Tea, I am surprised at how full you actually get! My mom and sister really outdid themselves! My mom made the most beautiful baskets which we "raffled off" to guests who brought a package of diapers. They were top of the line...I mean she could start a business with her baskets! It was so wonderful to be surrounded by so much love and support. Ryan and I have waited a long time to have this kind of shower thrown for us and it was made even more special by the attendees and the extremely generous gifts!
We are lucky enough to be looking forward to another shower this Saturday hosted by Ryan's mom and aunts! So, more pictures to come!