Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Please Excuse My Poor Etiquette

I am ashamed to say, and publicly admit, that I have not sent out a single "Thank You" note since the triplets came home...4 months ago! I am embarassed by this and my only excuse is these 3 gorgeous creatures that keep me busy 24/7 (well, except when I'm asleep)! A typical day in the life is:

8:00ish - wake up (yes, I know I am extremely lucky with this time! Thank you, cereal!)
diaper change X 3
bottle X 3 (thankfully Ryan is around to help with this one!)

9:00 - a little Baby Einstein so I can eat a quick bite, wash bottles, etc.

10:00 - bath time X 3 and usually a little rocking

12:00 - diaper, bottle, nap in swing, repeat 2 more times

2:00 - shower for me! and any other "chores" I can get done while they are napping

upon them waking, we try to do some kind of activities (walk, pool or just toys here)

4:00 - bottles again!

8:00 - diapers, pj's, cereal, bottles, bed! (oh yeah, X 3!)

Then after they are all in dreamland it's more washing bottles, etc. Thankfully, Ryan makes the formula and "porridge" as he calls their cereal. Oh yeah, I try to fit in some time to eat as well! Not complaining in the least...I love my "job"! Just wish I had someone to clean up and cook for me! haha!

I also have to give a "shout out" to my mom and sister...without them, I'd be a bumbling, smelly mess! They have helped me so much and came to my rescue on many occasions!

So, back to what this post was meant to be about, I apologize sincerely for my lack of Thank You notes to those that have sent the most generous gifts! I DO plan on getting them out at some point...PROMISE!


MasonTripletsPlusOne said...

Hi Lisa, I totally understand being busy. I don't think I would have ventured out either. Heck, we just started going out with ALL the kids and my trio are a year old!!! LOL You NEED to get the choo choo wagon from Greta, it's by far the best thing I have for them other than the triple decker stroller. Maybe in the fall when the HOMMIES meetings start back up we can meet.


Nichelle said...

Hi Lisa, YES I remember you from HOMMIES:-) Thanks for the comment! I now have your blog on mine (with names so I can keep everyone straight)
looks like your trio is doing well!! Time does fly by though....so keep taking pictures, even if you don't update! Maybe I'll see you again at another meeting....hang in there:-)