Saturday, January 17, 2009

28 Week Update

28 Weeks!!! This is a big deal when you are pregnant with triplets. My doctor said that at 28 weeks, they consider you to be in the "safe zone". Survival of triplets born at 28 weeks is excellent and usually without any major/long term complications. Yes, they would spend quite a bit of time in the NICU, but the big picture is very good. My goal is to still make it to at least 33 weeks.

Here is the covered 28 week belly picture:
Big 28 week belly:
Bare 28 week belly:
This week I have become increasing less comfortable. The water retention has legs feel like bruised tree trunks! I have started sleeping in the family room on the LaZBoy as it seems to be the most comfortable. Actually, any sleeping position has it's pros and cons these days. In the recliner, George and Emery have taken to wedging themselves right under my ribs and into my lungs, which can be both painful and hard to breathe. Sleeping in bed, I don't have the "burrowing" that comes with sleeping in the recliner, but about every hour the hip of the side I am sleeping on starts to throb so I have to roll over to the other side. Speaking of rolling over, I never realized what a feat this really is! There is no more of the quick easy half asleep side to side is a process. 1) remove the pillow supporting your belly, 2) remove the pillow between your knees, 3) remove blankets, 4) gradually try to roll to your back, 5) make sure all babies are "ok" with these movements, if not, they will let you know!, 6) slowly ease onto the opposite side, 7) reposition pillow between knees, 8) reposition pillow under belly, 9) pull up covers again, did I mention the carpal tunnel yet...not yet? see below, 10) get all adjusted, 11) realize you have to pee.
I have also developed carpal tunnel. I am now wearing braces during the night. This helps a little bit, so far. My hands are still a little sore in the morning, I call it "prenatal arthritis"! But if I have to grab or adjust any pillows or blankets in the middle of the night, I have to get creative as my thumbs seem to hurt the most.
At our last doctors appointment we scheduled our c-section for 3/9/09. Our nurse does seem to think that we will have February babies though. She said she thought 4 more weeks, this was 5 days ago.
So now that I feel as though I have complained this entire post, I have to reitterate that I feel incredibly blessed. After 3 1/2 years of trying to get pregnant we are so blessed to have these 3 little miracles growing inside me. I wouldn't change anything. As much as I feel "ready" to be done, I know they need more time to grow. I will do my best to be patient and grin and bear it!


Christi said...

You are doing an amazing job!!! 28 weeks! so wonderful... can't believe they'll be here soon, eek!

MasonTripletsPlusOne said...

Way to go, you will be at D day before you know it. My Dr wanted me to make to to at least 35 Weeks, but I delivered at 33w 2d. I remember those last few weeks and how uncomfortable I was. Hang in there, the prize at the end is well worth all the discomfort now:)


Shannen&Makena said...

You are such a trooper! I think I would have complained the whole pregnancy! He he he! Wow, to think that they will be here so soon! You look so amazing, like you have always been meant to carry triplets!

Justi said...

You are doing a great job! Those little ones are so blessed to have you as their mom already.

MO & TDO said...

You don't sound like you are complaining one bit...I actually laughed out loud at #11 - realize you have to pee!!!

Congrats on making it to 28 weeks and not on full bed rest - that IS an amazing feat!

Are you amazed at how quickly these weeks have gone by after such a long time dreaming about these babies?

Keep up the good work - MOM!


KRISTA said...

Lisa-Ok, A. you're really not complaining---reading over these posts when the babies are here will remind of you what a feat you are enduring. And B. even if you were complaining, girl, go ahead and whine away---you certainly deserve it and it doesn't mean that you're any less thrilled with your journey. Heck, I am impressed you know which baby is where. You're gonna me one great mother!

Aimee said...

I agree - that's not complaining! There is pain involved! You just described the night time roll overs perfectly! Just keep thinking one more week, one more week, and soon it will be one more day, one more day! You're doing great!!!! But I remember too being at the point where I was ready to take them out myself! :) oh, you look wonderful too!

Lisa said...

Thank you guys for the encouraging words!!