Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Love is a Battlefield

Thanks for the title, Pat Benetar! The love is for my little snowbabies...the battlefield, well that is still my abdomen. Today, when I removed the 3 patches from Sunday, thankfully I did not have any more blisters...just itchy welts. I got a call back from the nurse and the other form of estrogen they use is also a patch. I used this other patch once before and, while I didn't have the extreme reaction I had the other day, I still had a reaction. And the patches are about 4 times the size of the ones I have now! So, call it "motherly love" if you want, but if this is what my body needs to make a cozy environment for my babies, I will slather on the neosporin and deal with it! I suppose it is just yet another means to a happy ending! That all being said, I have 4 brand new patches on today and I will trade them for 4 fresh ones on Thursday! If the welts persist, I'm going to have to find some new real estate for them to reside...or we can just play checkers on my stomach to pass the time on bedrest!!


Lisa W said...

Hi there- I came across your blog from a friend who has you on her blogroll & suggested I check yours out, as I am midway through my 1st Lupron depot injection to prep for likely IVF in September (notice I say 'likely', cuz I'm obviously still in a small amount of denial that I'll be headed straight to IVF after this! LOL). Just wanted to say good luck to you with your FET, I will definitely be checking in to see how things go for you!
Take care!

Lisa said...

Thanks, Lisa W. Good luck to you too! The depot lupron isn't too bad...it's over quick at least!