Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Big Day...The Big Test

This past Sunday I had my first beta (blood pregnancy test). We had to be at the doctor's officce at 8 a.m., so it was an early day for a Sunday! After that, we went to breakfast at Big Boy. I put some feta cheese on my eggs, which I normally like and the smell made me nauseaus! Then we went home and both took naps. I could only sleep for about an hour. The nurse who took my blood said they would call the results into CCRM around 2:30.

Around 4:00 we still hadn't heard. So I called the after hours answering service and she patched me through to the back line of the office. The nurse there said, "we haven't had a chance to pull anyone's files yet, that's why we haven't called. I don't have your chart in front of me, so I don't know where you are in you cycle, but I have your results right here. Your beta is 361...is this your first test or second?" I said it was the first and she said, "oh my...well, we want to see it over 50, so that is very strong!" She told me to stay on my prometruim and estrace and after that everything is a blur as to what she said! Oh, I do remember at one point she said, "congratulations, you're pregnant! I love giving that news!" I was bawling, and R had no idea what was going on...he was sitting in the lazy boy and I had my back to him....all he knew was I was crying and he was saying, "what!?!?" All I could do was give him a thumbs up! He goes, "no shit?!" After I got off the phone with the nurse we were both crying on the couch hugging. Then I said, "oh, one thing though...my beta is pretty high...I think there is more than one in there!" Then we both just started cracking up!

After that, we went to his parents house (on the way I called my mom, who immediately started crying). At R's parents house, his whole immediate family was there. His dad said, "so, anything new?" and R goes, "no...anything new with you?" He's so mean! Then he said he thinks he should grow a mustache so he looks more "like a dad" in a few months! So everyone started crying again!

Then we went to my sisters, who didn't know anything yet...my parents were on thier way there but drove around for a while b/c my mom said she wouldn't be able to keep a poker face! Well, my sis was backing out of her driveway on her way to the grocery store. As soon as she saw us pulling up she threw the car into park and jumped out. As soon as she saw me she started crying and ran up to me saying, "you're pregnant!!!" So once again, I cried too! Then I went inside and told my nephew and niece they were gonna be cousins...they were so excited!

On our way home, I bought a home pregnancy test....I needed to see 2 lines...and I did..immediately!! yea! I am just on cloud nine! I called R's aunts with the news on Moday! We told his grandparents on Sunday and I called my aunt's and uncle. It is so hard to keep it secret right now b/c everyone knew we were going to CO..ideally I would have liked to keep it a little quiet for a while, but oh well!

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Annie said...

I am crying again reading this!!! This is the most amazing thing ever, I am so incredibly happy for you Lisa...you are gonna be an amazing mother. Love ya XOXOXOXXO