Wednesday, June 4, 2008

So far, so good...

Well, about a week ago I got a call from my nurse. I had emailed her wondering if we had been "forgotten" since it had been about 9 weeks since our egg retrieval and they told us we'd have our genetic test results in 4-6 weeks. I had heard that the testing was taking longer than they had originally told us, so I was trying my best to exercise patience. When we had met with the genetic counselor, she had told us that if we had 50% "normal" that that is fantastic (not just us...that is an across the board statistic). Well, out of our 11 frozen embryos, we have 9 that are considered "normal"!! That is greater than 80%!!! Of course, we are thrilled with the news.

Also, I am officially DONE with Lupron Depot! Now I am on birth control pills to regulate me. I will start lupron shots on June 17th. Then, on June 27 (roughly) I will add estrogen patches and baby asprin. Around July 13th I will add progesterone, Medrol and Tetracycline. My estimated FET is July 18th. I think I may need a seperate planner to keep all the drugs straight!

We are rather busy with wedding showers, graduations and graduation parties, and even a little traveling between now and our FET...hopefully it will help make the time fly by! In case I haven't mentioned before, I am ready to get pg!!

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