Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A Quick Update

Things are going well this week. Here are some pictures and a quick update on everyone.

George, not happy...they were checking his nose to make sure the CPAP isn't irritating it too much:
My cute baby boy!
George is doing well on the CPAP. We have been able to hold him every day! He loves Kangaroo Care...he snuggles right into us...he's so sweet! He is 3lb, 6oz...most of his swelling from the surgery has gone down too.

Sweet little Emery in her big girl gown:
This is a preemie gown, up to 5lbs!
Emery is still amazing us. She is such a strong little girl! They removed her PICC line yesterday! She is 2lb, 13oz. We "practiced" breast feeding for the first time today and she latched on for a little bit...she kept "smiling" at me...oh such a cutie!

Our little blondie, Elaina:
Oh so sweet! She had pulled out her feeding tube and we couldn't resist taking advantage of the photo-op! Look at those little lips!
Lainey is such a strong little girl. Her latest ultrasound was "stable", which is great. The ventricles are not getting bigger as of yesterday. They don't expect to see improvement at this point, so stable is the best thing we could hope for! They will do another u/s on Thursday. Lainey has "practiced" breast feeding twice now, and latched on both times. She does really well too! She is 3lb, 3oz.

Here are some new Kangaroo Care pictures too.
Ryan held both girls at the same time the other night for the very first time. They didn't really seem to aware the other was there...they snoozed the whole time. Emery is on the left, Lainey on the right. You could really see the differences in them when they are right next to eachother. Emery's hair in photos looks lighter than it is in person. Lainey is very blonde, Emery is more dark blonde/light brown. Both are 100% adorable though!! :)
Daddy and his little buddy:
Mommy and George:
Mommy and George:
Daddy and the girls:
I will do my best to update again on Thursday or Friday!


Beth said...

Lisa and Ryan -- your pics are so precious! Thanks for keeping us up to date on their progress!! I can't believe that Emery is up to 5 lbs (it's Emery not Lainey, right?). Emily went home at 4lbs! It's crazy how small they start out -- a year from now you will be looking at your giant one-year-olds, and you will barely believe they were ever this small!

Christan Coogle said...

I love the new pictures. I have heard kangaroo care does wonders. You guys all look wonderful and i am so happy to hear all the great news. Thinking of you all, Christan:)

Krista said...

Congratulations on your beautiful babies. Good luck with the breastfeeding - sounds like it's going great so far!