Wednesday, February 25, 2009

At Long Last, Another Update


Lainey, Emery, George

Sorry for the long delay in updating the blog...I need to find a couple extra hours in the day! The stronger and bigger the babies are getting, the more I am at the NICU and being "hands on" with their care, feedings, etc. Here is the latest rundown on each baby.

Lainey is getting sooo big!!! As of today, drum roll please, our pink little cutie pie is 4 pounds 7 ounces!!! I could hardly believe it when I saw "2000 grams" on her chart today! She has continued to breast feed, though she usually only takes in a small amount before getting tired and then we have to put her feeding in thru the feeding tube. Today I gave her a bottle for the first time and she took in 13cc's like a champ! She is getting the cutest, most edible chubby cheeks too! She is still having some apnea events, so she is still on oxygen. Hopefully these will subside on all the babies as they approach 36 weeks gestation (they are currently 34 weeks, 2 days).

Our little peanut! She is still the littlest, but oh so strong! She is weighing in at 3 pounds 11 ounces!!! She is also continuing to "practice" breast feeding and, like her sister, gets sleepy easily. She is always good for a cute smile, followed by the cutest, sadest little pout, and then a smile again. She keeps us laughing! Yesterday, Ryan gave her her first bottle. She only took in 2 1/2 cc's but the nurse gave her a bottle this morning and she took in 12 cc's! This is all one step closer to them coming home! She is also having the occasional apnea events.

George...sweet George. He has all the NICU nurses loving him! He is quite the charmer. I think it comes from his tough beginning, everyone was pulling for him and he has made leaps and bounds in his recovery. Our little guy who we could barely touch when he was first born and after his surgery has become quite the little cuddler. He melts my heart! George is weighing in at 4 pounds!!! I think he will catch up to his big sister soon...he was on some medication to clear up his "hazey" lungs so he has been peeing out a lot of fluid lately. We are waiting to give George bottles until he is off the CPAP entirely and we can move his feeding tube to his nose. He was off CPAP for a day or so, but he was getting tired so he is on the CPAP for 3 hours, then on the cannula for 6, alternating. Boy, does he LOVE his cannula! He is breastfeeding as well...he is definitley a "boob man" as he puts his sisters to shame in this department! haha! He does so well with it and also goes after his pacifier with a vengeance. He also HATES to have a messy diaper and he will always let you know when it's time for a clean diaper!

These babies are my whole world...and I speak for Ryan as well. I often think when the nurses ask, "do you need anything?" when Ryan and I are holding a baby or babies, "no...everything I need in this world is right here behind these curtains." True bliss!!!


Shannen&Makena said...

It sounds like they are progressing really well and so fast! I love the updates, thank you! Big hugs from their Cyber Aunt and Cyber Cousin.

Lynette said...

Dear Lisa & Ryan,
I have been following your blog for quite some time now. I found yours while reading other blogs. My cousin Jennifer Logan( The Logan Crew Blog) had triplets in Oct. 2008. I have spent hours reading many of them and have quite the prayer list going. I just wanted to say hi and tell you what I am sure you both already know-- you have 3 beautiful babies. I have so enjoyed reading about and seeing their continued growth and development. I will continue to pray for their continued good health. I am sure you are anxiously awaiting when they will all be home with you. I remember just a few short months ago(4 to be exact)watching my cousin and her husband on the same journey--and we can not believe how fast the time has gone. Their babies are now all 12-14 pounds. So enjoy and savor each moment and each day with your babies because before you know it you will be looking back in amazement at how fast time has flown by!! I look forward to following your blog--so please cont. with the wonderful updates. Many prayers 4 Gods continued blessings--Sincerely The Johnson's-- Ted, Lynette, Julia, Jenna and Bradley

Justi said...

Wonderful news! How adorable!!!

Christan Coogle said...

Lisa---they are doing so well and oh i love all the chunk they are all getting! My goodness they are sooooo adorable! I am so happy to hear how quickly they are progressing! AWESOME! I too LOVE reading the updates, keep them coming as you have time of course:). Give them all a hug and kiss from me!

Anonymous said...

I just now checked your blog and surprise! You had your babies and they are so precious! I had Atticus the day after you had your babies on the 23rd. Again, congrats, and enjoy those little miracles! :) I hope they come home soon!