Monday, September 1, 2008

My "Graduation"

It is official...I have graduated from my RE (Dr. Schoolcraft). I got the call on Friday. They had been weaning me off the prometrium and estrace and my levels were holding strong on thier own, so I am officially just under the care of my new high risk doctor. I had my first appointment with him on Friday as well. We got to see all three babies again and they all looked great. He said he sees, "three very viable babies in there." That was a huge relief, to say the least! He gave me a book by Dr. Barbara Luke who is an RN and dietician in Miami Florida now, but she used to be at U of M here in Ann Arbor. Well, her book says that in a triplet pregnancy, the mother should put on about 35 pounds by 20 weeks. I am 9 weeks and have put on 5 pounds...I am trying...really, I am. I am eating more than I ever have. You would think it would be fun, but your stomach is only so big...if I fill it as much as my husband would like, I truly think I would throw up! There are some great recipes in the book too. I am going to try even harder to put on 30 pounds in the next 11 weeks (yikes)!! But whatever these babies need, I'll do it. I'm not concerned about losing the weight after they are here...I think the challenges of having 3 babies will aid in that conquest! Also, in this book, it says that the infants of mother's carrying triplets who follow this program have, on average, a 35% higher birth weight than the national average, which is 3lbs, 11oz. I would love to have these babies born weighing at least 5 pounds each!

Well, it is Labor Day...gonna go spend some QT with my hubby!

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