Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Holy Cow!

People have been asking me a lot about how I'm feeling. (Note: I don't mind it one bit...bring it on...I've waited a long time to have people ask me!) I am feeling good. I get tired around mid-day. I have been getting a little "queasy" at times...not often...and if I eat a little something it subsides pretty quickly. The only other thing I am noticing (and so is my husband, believe me) is that my boobs are HUGE! Especially Big Righty! I think I'm gonna have to get some new bras soon...I'm spilling over 34D's! They are a little sore, but not too bad yet. R is enjoying the "fuller" me! haha!

Also, I had my estrogen and progesterone levels checked. They are where they want them to be. They aren't going to start weaning me yet, just to be safe. I am fine with that...I like safe! I go back next week for another check.

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Christan Coogle said...

sounds like you are doing great...i think i have like 10 different bra sizes in my dresser now---fun fun!!! can't wait to find out how many are in there!!!